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Solar Gable Fan Installation

Solar Gable Fan Installation

Solar Gable Fan Installation, including labor and material.  May require additional exterior trim as an extra cost, this varies application to application.

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$495.00 tax excl.

We install solar powered ventilators, the perfect solution for gable and attic ventilation.  No electrical wiring work required.  Our ventilators vent 1200-1350 square vent.  Use several ventilators for large spaces.


Heat and moisture are hard on roof shingles and roof sheathing.  In the hot summer months, a poorly ventilated attic will dramatically reduce shingle life and may even void the shingle warranty.  In the cooler winter months, moisture from everyday activities inside the house can enter the attic.  Without proper ventilation, this moisture promotes mold and mildew, and  saturates insulation.

In the summer, heat from the attic can radiate down into your living area making the air conditioner work harder to cool your home.

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